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Why do you Wear Make-up? To Please Men? Surely not

Man asking woman if she's wearing makeup for him

Do women wear make-up for men? Sammy Jones says, ‘of course not’. Here’s her love-letter to the glories of a hefty slick of the good stuff (no males attached).

There are men online that seem think women wear makeup to transform themselves into society’s idea of ‘dream women’, or are painting their faces simply to please men. All I have to say to that is: ‘puh-leaaase’. Let’s get some perspective here.


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The assumption of certain men that half the population spends up to (or over) 30 minutes on their face every day for the male population’s benefit speaks more than I could ever say about male entitlement. In actuality, I end up putting on more slap when I hang out with female friends because they’re in a position to actually appreciate it. They know how much effort goes into hauling your face from zero to hero. My boyfriend has categorically told me that he doesn’t give a flying one, and I bet you can guess what I think of the random man in the street’s opinion.

Kim K no makeup? NO WAY

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And, actually, I think men might need a lick of paint, too. Your acne attack? Your greasy forehead? Your goddamn monobrow? Did you know men have twenty per cent more oil on their faces? Because you sure can see it with yours, pal. Cover that mess up. Your uneven skin-tone is offending me.

Okay, that was harsh, and I only say it in jest. But please understand that us ladies have this trash thrown at us every day through the magic of advertising. Cheers, lads. But what if I said I don’t see makeup as an oppressor? That I think it’s actually an awesome (if accidental) by-product of female inequality?

Makeup is only good on one side

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All girls know the best part of going out is the part before when you’re over your gal pal’s house and you’re getting dolled up. It’s an echo of ritualistic grooming that’s been echoed down the centuries, and you get to feel the benefits every morning. What do dudes have? COD? Bor-r-ring.

It’s like a rad secret girls share. Nothing would be more of a compliment to me than another girl telling me my makeup looks good. It’s pretty much saying, ‘You look great and you have mad skills’. And it’s a compliment that can’t go wrong: if she’s NOT wearing any makeup, then you’ve just said her natural face looks incredible, too.

Kim K being sassy.

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There’s so many other reasons I love makeup: it makes me look older (and therefore changes how people react to me), the routine soothes my occasional anxiety (and so makes the difference between a good day and a TERRIBLE day), I get a shot of creativity before even leaving the house… there’s no doubt about it. Medicinal or just plain trivial, my love of slap is a light that will never go out.

Mascara black as my soul

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And I’m not saying ladies that don’t wear makeup are in the wrong either. I mean, that’s me at least once a week. I’m just saying that people who ridicule girls for being frivolous because they wear makeup are missing the point. It’s not just about looking good- of course, that’s the outcome, but there’s so much more behind the act. Self-worship, vanity, call it what you want- it makes me feel like me, and in this sick, sad world of ours, the power to crack out a face that could dazzle a nation (or the queue at Nando’s) at a moment’s notice is one I’d like to cling to with both manicured hands.

*nail emoji*

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So what do you think? Into makeup? Or never wear it? Do you agree that ladies don’t paint their faces for the benefit of blokes? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook