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Nightwalks With Teens: Taking On Stereotypes By Being Silly

A huge bunch of people enjoying the night walks performance.

Credit: Shamil Ahmed

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what it’s like being young and reckless. If that happens, you may end up being scared of the very kind of person you used to be. Worry not, these bright teens came up with an epic performance to get you out of your old shell and have fun reliving your youth. 

Some teens at the park

Credit: Nicolas Awad

Nightwalks With Teens is a unique performance where young people took adults on a tour of a lifetime. Through the young people of Knowle West Media Centre and the awesome people of Canada’s Mamalian Diving Reflex, the performance broke stereotypes, cut tension and got everyone acting silly and having fun together, regardless of age.

We went into Nightwalks to find out why an event such as itself is so great and why it’s needed today, here’s what we heard:

Nightwalks was part of the In Between Time Festival 2015. There was a huge variety of different exhibits and performances during the festival. With Nightwalks being one of the most unique performances of the festival, it was performed on three separate occasions with around three hundred plus adults attending.

Here’s a look into all the amazing antics at Nightwalks:

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