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We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team

Meet Our New Content Creators…


l-r: Jack, Yero, Leo

Meet Jack, Yero and Leo, our new Rife magazine in-house content creators.

Hello guys, take a seat, get to work, we got a lot of content to create.

Every six months, we bid fare-thee-well to our team of in-house journalists and watch as they walk off into the sunset, probably to become world-beating, award-winning, generation-defining creatives. Luckily, to soothe our sadness at having to say goodbye, we welcome in a new team. So, welcome, welcome and welcome some more to our new guys, the wonderful and passionate Yero, the articulate and sharp Leo and the self-taught wünderkind Jack. Hello guys, take a seat, get to work, we got a lot of content to create.

Next week, they’ll be telling you about themselves in video form. In the meantime, here’s some quick words about what they’re excited about and a link to a previous piece they’re super-proud of:

Jack Edwards


‘Before coming to Rife, I’d just graduated from university, was involved in working as a camera operator on the PWA Windsurfing World Tour which involved filming in other countries. I hope to bring my experiences to the magazine and help teach others about the importance of film and how now it is more accessible than ever. In turn I hope to learn more about journalism and creative writing in regards to social issues.’

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‘Bi-Linear is a collaborative project put together by filmmakers, dancers and a fashion designer.

An exploration into anatomy, body and movement…

The P R O J E C T: wearing a second skin, create a series of movements to see where the paint will crack, stress lines, creating a Raku cracking effect. With the notion that beauty comes from movement, and living, not being too precious, celebrating the beauty of imperfection… something raw, almost primal…’

Yero Timi-Biu


‘Prior to working at Rife (and running off to NYC), I was creating content for media companies in London. I see Rife as an inclusive community for lots of young voices to be heard, and a chance to use an online platform as a forum where ideas can be shared.’


‘”On Your Bike” was my first producing project post-graduation. I spent such a long time researching facts and interviewing the cast. I was working really long hours at work, and making and editing the content on evenings and weekends. My manager missed the screening of the documentary to go to a book signing of an author we both admired. It turns out this author was going to inspire me to work even harder.’

Leo Shire (aka LJ Shire)


‘Before Rife I was studying, writing and trying to get my writing read. Rife is cool because it creates content for young people by young people and I hope interning at Rife will give me hands on media experience in a fun and exciting way. My future self will probably still be writing and studying, but ideally she’ll be doing all of that whilst managing a publishing company that specialises in diverse books for children in young adults.’

Credit: Media Diversified

Credit: Media Diversified

‘Writing an article on being mixed race was important to me because I didn’t feel like my experiences as a mixed race person were ever mirrored in the media.’

So, there you have it… welcome to Jack, Yero and Leo. The next six months belong to you.

If you want to chat to our guys, talk to them on @rifemag, or their own personal accounts – Jack, Yero and Leo

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