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Educational Alternatives: Prince’s Trust Programme


As the end of term looms closer, questions about what we’re up after summer or what our life plan is for the future arise. Yero investigates the education routes that aren’t always the most obvious choices – this one is a Level 1 Qualification, The Prince’s Trust Programme.

Post-16 education doesn’t always have to be the traditional route of sixth forms and college A Levels; it’s not for everyone. In our last Educational Alternatives article, we mentioned that when you do your research, you should always make sure you’re looking for courses and further learning opportunities that cater to your needs and interests.

So if you do decide to go through the college route, colleges such as City of Bristol provide vocational and personal development courses. These types of courses are a great way to build confidence, work on community projects, and meet new people. This Level 1 qualification certificate will prepare you for further education and employment and will stand out on your CV.

Photo courtesy of City of Bristol College/Prince's Trust Programme

Photo courtesy of City of Bristol College/Prince’s Trust Programme

Tobie, 16, Prine's Trust Programme Participant

Tobie, 16, Prine’s Trust Programme Participant

Who is the Prince’s Trust Programme For?

The Prince’s Trust is a charity set up solely to help young people and run programmes all over the country. Bristol’s Prince’s Trust Programme is available for 16-25-year olds who aren’t currently in education, or work and are looking for some extra help or encouragement as they try and find out what they want to do as a post-16 alternative. If you’re on Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) you can apply to the programme. The course is intense and takes place every working day at Ashley Down Centre, South Bristol Skills Academy (SBSA) and AEC Parkway.

Photo courtesy of City of Bristol College/The Prince's Trust Programme

Photo courtesy of City of Bristol College/The Prince’s Trust Programme

Luke, 21, Prince's Trust  Programme Participant

Luke, 21, Prince’s Trust Programme Participant

What does the course entail exactly?

During the 12 weeks you can expect to:

  • uncover hidden talents
  • spend a week away at a residential activity centre
  • complete a work placement
  • get involved in a community project
  • stage a team presentation


Photo courtesy of City of Bristol College/The Prince’s Trust Programme



The 12 weeks are jam-packed with residential activities such as rock climbing or water sports, a community project such as regenerating a garden, a chance to work on your CV and get a week of work experience and a final challenge that will help you develop your personal skills. It’s fun and challenging but it will also equip you with the confidence and knowledge to know what you want to do next, and also give you a Level 1 Qualification.

This is all completely free

So if you’re interested in this type of vocational course, we advise you to speak to an advisor or someone at City of Bristol College. The Prince’s Trust Programme is always recruiting, and if you’re still unsure about what you want to do after there’s a course starting in September.

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