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Getting Through The Exam Period

Faye, You May Behin

Photo Courtesy of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School & BFI Film Academy Bristol

The dreaded May and June months are usually the most stressful two months anyone in education has to go through. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School teamed up with BFI Film Academy Bristol and made the very accurate ‘You May Begin’ to remind us to take it easy.

The exam period is stressful.  It usually consists of a lot of procrastination and extreme cramming when it comes to revision. We forget to eat (healthy) proper meals, lock ourselves in our bedrooms, and we feel like it’s the end of the world. But of course it’s not.

Source: whenincambridge.tumblr.com

Source: whenincambridge.tumblr.com

BREAKING NEWS —  You DO NOT  have to make yourself ill with stress during this period.

All you can do is prepare well by working hard, revising and remembering to take a breather. Not all of us have access to pet therapy, where you can stroke soft animals to relieve stress (yes, this is a real thing). Surround yourself with supportive people such as family and friends, reward yourself once in a while (even by watching an episode of your favourite TV show) and make a timetable of revision and chill out time.

‘You May Begin’ was written, produced, and edited at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Film & TV Department by nineteen talented 16-19 year olds who took part in the drama production element of the BFI Film Academy Bristol 2015.

You May Begin

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The fifty strong team of cast, crew, post-production, mentors and advisers created an honest depiction of what it feels like to take an exam you feel unprepared for. The film is centred around artist Faye, as anxiety swallows her up right before her maths exam.

The film’s title is similar to a phrase a lot of us have heard at the start of an exam, and we can relate to the sheer distress we’re succumbed to when an exam is looming, especially when it’s the exam of a subject we have no interest in or desire to use in the future. Faye ends up making a personal but tough decision during the exam. It was a decision for her and only her.

All you have to remember is if you get through your exams, you can get through anything.

So take a deep breath, because you’ll be fine.

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