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‘Fat’ Is Not A Swear Word


Carys Millard thinks it’s time we all embraced the other ‘F-word’

In our world if you are ‘fat’, then you are ugly.

Jennifer Lawrence recently stated that she thinks ‘it should be illegal to call someone fat’.

But should it?

The trend for my generation is all about acceptance. Yes, of course we still see bullying. Unfortunately, I think we always will. Everyone says ‘love who you are and what you are’. Yet despite this, if you ever refer to yourself as fat, people will jump to reply saying ‘no you are not’. Straight away (without them realising) they are telling you that it is not ok to be fat. Being ‘fat’ in our world is not acceptable. In our world if you are ‘fat’, then you are ugly. Interestingly, in a study by Julie Lumeng, MD at the University of Michigan, she discovered that overweight children were 13% more likely to be bullied, than ‘normal weight children’…and obese children, 65% more likely

The word ‘fat’ should not be negative…

I am fat. I have accepted that I am fat. Does that mean I am ugly? Well, no it doesn’t. The word ‘fat’ should not be negative; it should be like being ‘black’ or being ‘ginger’… a beautiful word that describes something fantastic about you.

I think my generation should accept Fat Amy’s approach from ‘Pitch Perfect’.

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‘You call yourself Fat Amy?’

‘Yeah, so twig b*tches like you don’t do it behind my back.’

It’s not just calling about ourselves fat, it’s about loving our bodies. We must love everything about ourselves. If we medically need to do something about our weight, then of course we should, but we should never be uncomfortable or unhappy about the way we look.


It’s not just calling about ourselves fat, it’s about loving our bodies.

In May 2015, nearly 70,000 people signed an online petition to ban ‘Are you Beach Body Ready?’ advertisements. The adverts, seen on almost all London tubes, were defaced with comments like ‘This is bullying’, ‘love your body’ and ‘everybody is beach body ready…’

Companies such as Simply Be, remade the advert using plus-size models.


It seems most people would agree that true confidence comes from accepting who you are inside and out, the negative things and the positive things. We should never shy away from the things that make us us.

‘One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body.’ Gabourey Sidibe


‘I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. But accepting that just empowers me.’ Kim Kardashian


I agree with Jennifer: if you are calling someone fat and you mean it as an insult, it is wrong. I think we would all agree that it is wrong to say anything hurtful to another person and therefore, I am not encouraging everyone to go around calling each other fat. What I am saying is ‘stop making excuses for my body’.

So, if I say that I am fat everyone, I am not fishing for compliments or asking you to lie to me and tell me that I am a size six. I am asking you to accept it, as I have. Love me anyway and enjoy my squidgy cuddles.

Do you agree? Do you think ‘fat’ should be a swear word? Do you use it as an insult? Are we too sensitive about our bodies? Or not sensitive enough? Talk to us, please… we just want to know what you think… @rifemag

If you’ve been a victim of bullying because of the way you look and want to talk to someone about it, Off the Record are an amazing place.