Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

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Nat Jester

Natalie Jester is a PhD researcher at the University of Bristol. A life-long Bristolian, she mostly spends her time obsessing about gender issues and watching videos of cats.

Terrorism, Security And British State Identity: Why Words Matter

Nat discusses how the stereotype of the Muslim terrorist is fuelling animosity towards Islam and where it's come from.
Social Issues / / Nat Jester

On Jo Cox, The EU Referendum And British Identity

Nat Jester picks through the mess that is the news and tries to understand the climate that resulted in the...
Social Issues / / Nat Jester

We Need To Talk About Men

Nat Jester dissects masculinity and tries to get us talking about the problems men face today.
Social Issues / / Nat Jester

Not Just For Criminals: Why We Need A Human Rights Act

Nat Jester finds herself defending something she didn't think needed defending...
Social Issues / / Nat Jester

We Need To Talk About Gender (and the Media)

Nat Jester explores the negative portrayal and representation of gender in the media and asks, what should we do about...
Social Issues / / Nat Jester