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The Rife Team

You VS. Stress

a student pulling his hair out whilst being bogged down with loads of coursework.

edit by: Shamil Ahmed

It’s that time of year again, EXAMS, COURSEWORK and everything that comes with ’em.  All-nighters, energy drinks, cheap takeouts and library sleepovers, Sham knows you’ve been involved with at least one of these.

Whether it’s GCSEs, A levels, university finals or a random course, we at Rife understand it can get crazy and make you want to pull your hair out and hide/hibernate in a fort of pricey (and comfortable) IKEA duvets.

We made this ace video to show you some cool ways of settling any scores you have with exam stress, coursework stress or just general stress-stress.

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Stress is something everyone faces and sometimes it feels like an impossible task working out how to deal with it.  Let’s try to let it go and get rid of it, because it sucks.

Has this helped out in anyway? Do you have any soothing de-stressing tips that work for you? Fill us in on Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr or on Facebook and tell us your thoughts on the video, the advice and of course, say hi. 

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