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Problems Modern Day Kids Suffer That Parents Won’t Understand


We’re always being told how easy we have it these days, with everything available at the swipe of a finger. But, parents just don’t know the kinds of hardships we go through, as Jack discovers…

I can think of so many issues that 30 years ago never existed. I remember when I was younger you couldn’t use the phone and the internet at the same time; whereas when my parents were younger they didn’t even have TV and when their parents were younger they were busy reloading their spinning jenny’s (google it).

Having said all that, it’s tough being young these days… as this list will tell you.

Not being able to find a meme that will convey how you feel

sad #feelings

Running out of 3g and not being able to finish your Snapchat story


Not downloading ‘Flappy bird’ before it got deleted


Not being able to watch ‘Game of Thrones’ on your iPad because the glare from the sun is too strong


When your phone charger won’t reach the bed


When the leather seats aren’t heated


Forgetting to take your smartphone to the bathroom with you


Not being able to walk and text at the same time


When your neighbours password protect their wifi


Not knowing what time it is because your apple watch only has battery life for three hours


Losing your smartPhone and not being able to find it because it’s on silent


Not being able to show your friends what you had for lunch because instagram is down


If having read these you find yourself thinking how terrible your life is to have to suffer such hardships, maybe give this video a watch and re-evaluate what you have and what others don’t.

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What problems do you find yourself having that your parents just don’t get? Let us know on our social medias and your comment may appear in the next one: @rifemag

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