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VIDEO: Let’s Talk About Periods…


Lily Baron is here with an instructional video about periods. The things you’ll learn, oh the things you’ll learn. You need this video.

I have a lot to say about periods, about bins, and about the grumps. Check out my new vlog, where I’ll tell you why it’s okay to be pissed off when you’re on your period (but it’s not okay to assume that all pissed off women are on their periods), why periods are ridiculously more expensive than they need to be, and how long all your periods, if you added them together, would last. The answer will shock you.

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What do you think? Think bins are a necessary part of the period experience? How much money is this whole thing costing us over our lifetime? SIX AND A HALF YEARS? Talk to us, your thoughts, here on the book of faces, and here on the twittery thing

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