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The Many Faces of Periods

Adibah Iqbal wants you to know that we’re all in this together. Period.

We have all been there, ladies – the pain, the anger, and the pure hate of everything everywhere. This is my middle finger up at all the tampon adverts in the world.

The periods where you want to stab someone in the heart

The period where you’ll literally have sex with anything

The periods where all you want is a hug

The period where your emotions are running wild


The ‘not interested in doing anything’ period

Cant be bothered cat

The period where your hormones are obviously having a fit, because you’re the happiest person alive

happy period

The period where you just want to be happy again

The painful period

Fat man on uterus

The ‘I’m on my period’ period – where you blame everything on the fact that you’re on you period

The period where all you need is a good back rub

The late period

Late period

The crime scene period


The red sea period

The period where you want to rub melted chocolate all over your body

And then after eating so much, you get a little overwhelmed

The ‘I can’t move’ period

Have I missed one? Have you thought of one I have completely looked over? Let me know, comment below.