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Pick of the Week: Bristol Comic & Zine Fair

Rife Guide Picks of the Week

Find out what’s on the Rife Guide this week, including a DIY magazine and comic fair.

Ever looked at the mainstream media and felt that it wasn’t really aimed at you? Especially when it comes to printed media – opening your newspaper to see bare breasts on page three isn’t too pleasant. And women’s magazines – offering bizarre ‘tips’ and body-shaming everyone in one go (it’s nice to know they don’t discriminate) – aren’t really much better.

So, what’s the solution? Make your own print media, obviously. Fight back against one-dimentional mass news coverage and against only seeing skinny women on the cover of magazines, buy buying and reading local.

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Bristol Zine Fair is the absolute antithesis of WH Smith’s thin selection of glossy airbrushed magazine covers that all blend into one if you’re not paying attention. This fair is going to be bulging at the seams with beautifully illustrated, hand made unique creations. Comics and zines can be about anything the author wants to write about or draw – and absolutely anyone can make one.

The fair is being held at The Station this Saturday. It’s free to drop in, and it’s open all day – just turn up and see what’s happening. There are going to be over 70 artists exhibiting their works at the fair, so there will be something to everyone’s taste, from hand-coloured superhero comics, to zines about sexuality and gender. Full details can be found here, on the Rife Guide.

Have you ever made a comic or zine? Are you planning to buy anything at the fair? Let us see your creations or purchases on TwitterFacebook or on Instagram.

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