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The Afro Chronicles: Volume 3


The Afro Chronicles is back with its final instalment, showing you ‘Things Only People With Afros Will Understand’.

I wasn’t the only black girl experiencing daily Afro related micro-agressions…

The response I got from the Afro Chronicles Volumes One and Two has been great. I was always sure that I wasn’t the only black girl experiencing daily Afro related micro-agressions but it was cool to have it confirmed.

For the final instalment I decided that I’d had enough of pointing out how other people interact with my hair, now it was time to look at the way I interact with it myself. It was partly inspired by this gif of a little girl’s Afro puff defying containment by a meagre hairband. I could not even begin to count the number of hairbands, brushes, combs, bobby pins and other hair accessories that have lost battles with my hair.

Because, as much as Afro hair is just normal hair like anybody elses, it’s also pretty special. There are some experiences that you just won’t go through if you don’t have Afro hair. The Afro Chronicles: Volume Three touches on a few of those.


Check out Volumes One and Two of The Afro Chronicles and tweet us your hair tales @rifemag 

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