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Seven Practical Things You Can Do Post-Referendum To Make Yourself Feel Better


With all the political uncertainty following the referendum results, people are anxious and worried. Tensions are rising and we have leadership battles in both main parties. Here are some practical things you can do to feel better about the state of the nation.


If you see a hate crime, regardless of whether you were the victim or the witness- it’s so important that you report it.

SARI is an organisation set up to provide support for victims of hate crime in any context; including islamaphobia, transphobia, racist, faith-based, transphobia, gender or age based.

You can report crimes online, and support you in times of stress and trauma as well as working alongside you to take action on your case.

SARI is also totally free and entirely confidential.


If this week has left you feeling disenfranchised and disheartened you’re not the only one- and there are ways to get involved.

Bristol City Youth Council and Youth Mayors are an elected group of young people between the ages of 11 and 18. This allows you to express views on issues that need attention and be a contribution to your society.

It’s not too late to determine your future and help shape the voice of the younger generation.


It’s important to remain in the know in times of economic and political uncertainty, and to not lose faith in everything altogether. If you see rallies, or political events, or post-brexit brunches whatever it may be- there are lots going on at the moment so make sure you go. Together we have unity and together we have a voice, we must remain active players in this and ensure spirits are high. Check out Western Daily Press Brexit Business Breakfast


There is a rally for 16-year-olds to get the vote. Find out more here


Have an open conversation with friends and family. Respect each others views, but also, question them. Learn from each other. Find people who voted the opposite to you; ask them about it.


Our friend Sham is working with Islamic Relief and The Cake Campaign to deliver cakes to your house if you donate £10 to help Syrian refugees. Delicious direct action

There are other groups you can volunteer for and attend. Check out the Rife Guide


We interviewed Bristol mayor Marvin Rees last week. The video is up soon. But he told us how he wants to hear from you: concerns, questions, calls-to-action. Get in touch with him

However you feel about the current political climate, the referendum or the events surrounding the campaigning, know that you are not alone and your voice and your vote is important. Keep fighting the good fight, respectfully and passionately. Tweet us more practical things