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Pick of the Week: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Rife Guide Picks of the Week

Find out what’s on the Rife Guide this week, including a debate about mental health, put on by young people at Arnolfini.

Do you think about your own mental health enough? Do you get the chance to talk about how you’re feeling with friends, family or professionals? Around one in four of us will suffer with poor mental health this year – typically, that means struggling to cope with other things in our lives, having consistently low mood, or experiencing feelings of anxiety.

One of the best ways to build up your resilience and look after your mental health is to talk about how you’re feeling. But finding someone to talk to can be hard – especially when you’re young. What services can you access? Do they cost money? Will anyone know you’ve been attending sessions? The fallout of revealing your mental health status can be devastating if you’re not well supported.

A debate, organised by young people aged 16-25 as part of Arnolfini’s Young People’s Festival of Ideas, aims to explore how mental health affects young people today. Hear the expert panel discussing stereotyping and prejudice, the effects of the media on low self esteem and poor mental health, and how best to get young people talking about mental health more. Have your say by joining in the discussion in the room, or via Twitter.

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This is going to be an amazing opportunity to take the temperature of a debate which has raged for years. With the latest government cuts to mental health provision and emergency hospital beds, the state of mental health care is arguable the poorest that it has been in recent years. But charities’ anti-stigma campaigns have been growing in strength, and high-profile celebrities have been speaking out about their mental health struggles more than ever. Is the tide finally turning on how we view mental health? Join the debate and find out.

This debate – Let’s Talk About Mental Health – is happening on Wednesday at 7pm. It’s at Arnolfini, right on the harbour. If you’re under 25, then you can get a ticket to this event for free – you just need to book online or give them a call. Full details can be found here, on the Rife Guide.

What are you up to this week? Join in our debate about mental health, or tell us what other events you’d like to see on our site via TwitterFacebook or on Instagram.

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