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The Lost Days Between Christmas and New Year


Credit: Grace Shutti

Everyone gets excited for Christmas and New Year but the days in between make for some seriously dull living. But don’t worry because Grace remembered and she has every single day planned just for you.

You know that week we all forget exists every single year? They’re the lost days between Christmas and New Year. It’s a few days into the holiday – when leftovers begin to taste the same and all the unwanted presents are left in plain sight to express the recipients’ disappointment – and you’re bored. You didn’t make any plans because you intended to hang out with family, but you regret the choice early on (some time between Eastenders and Curse of the Were-Rabbit). If you want to break the cycle – or continue it; it’s easy after all – here’s a list of things you can do when all that remains is the smell of stale Christmas cracker smoke.

26th: Boxing Day / Work Off Yesterday’s Feast By Exercising Your Fingers Online Day

Credit: Grace Shutti

You’re probably still full from gorging on another serving of dinner around 11pm, but hazy enough to continue the excess. As your cholesterol lowers and you start to think about anything other than your stomach, get online and buy a basket full of things you don’t need but purchase anyway because they’re half price.

27th: Leftover Fear and Self-Loathing / A Whole New World Day

Source: motherboard.vice.com

Source: motherboard.vice.com

The fun of food has worn off and now you just feel a little bit gross. Rediscover the world outside your home. Remember fresh air? No? Well I can assure you that it doesn’t smell like days old turkey. Go for a country walk, take your little cousins to the park or go to the gym. This is your time to dedicate yourself to activity and exercise. You have to get it in before you give it all up on 2nd January.

28th: Discover Your New Year’s Resolutions Crumpled In A Draw Day  

Credit: Grace Shutti

This is a day to think about the year gone. Dig out the New Year’s Resolutions that you chucked in a draw in mid-January and take a long hard look. Did you learn that new language or stick to your rule of no Instagram before bed? Celebrate the wins and note down the to-be-continued aspects and then have a nap. You’ve got a few more days until it starts all over again, so you may as well be as lazy as you can.

29th: Tidy Begrudgingly Because Everywhere Is A Mess Day 

Source: tumblr.com

Source: tumblr.com

Following yesterday’s discovery of what was hopefully a list of fulfilled plans and dreams, you may realise that you have about 8 years worth of rubbish in that draw and everywhere else in your house. Clean out your old clothes and figure out what you can donate to charity or give away to friends and family. There will be temptation to give up half way through and shove everything back into the cupboard it came from, but do not give in.

30th [Insert TV show or film here] Marathon Day


Source: comingsoon.net

Whether you’re catching up on Star Wars, the Transformers quadrilogy, or Netflix, this is your last chance to truly do nothing. Gather your family and friends be sure that all snacks are within arms reach. Switching DVDs is the only movement required.

31st New Year’s Eve / #NewYearNewMe Eve


Source: isango.com

The time has come for the first real party since Christmas and there’s finally a reason to shower and look nice. Before you get cleaned up and put on your sparkles, write down your resolutions for the next year. Whatever serious, weird or fantastical thing you want to achieve, get it out of your brain and on to paper. You’re going to need the remaining brain capacity for being polite to complete strangers at whatever party you’re going to. If you’re the homely type, Jools Holland’s pre-recorded Annual Hootenany will cause some confusion, (Adele isn’t really spending her New Year’s in the BBC studios) but it’s fairly enjoyable. Don’t forget to flip over to the Fireworks live so at least you can feel like you’re freezing in a crowd in London.

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