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My Year In Illustrations, Murals And Everything Black And White


Cai looks back on his year and the different illustrations he’s worked on.

After clicking on Facebook’s ‘Year in Review’ I was feeling nostalgic. 2015 has been a busy year for me, and I realised that I’ve spent a lot of it drawing. So I decided to look back on all the different illustrations I’d created over the past 12 months.



I spent the few days between Christmas and New Years finishing this piece off. I’d gotten a timelapse camera for Christmas so was dying to try it out and made a video of it.



This was the month that I learned to only accept outside murals when it’s warm. I spent a week freezing my fingers off drawing this private mural of Bristol.



In March, Co-LAB asked me to design their window display! Thankfully, it wasn’t quite as cold as the last one, but I was still pretty chilly. They even made a fancy video of me drawing it.



Following the Co-LAB love I got from the previous month, they then asked me to come up with a t-shirt design for them. I was just starting to get into mandalas then, so it was fun to create a really big one.



In May, I went travelling round Europe.  So things were naturally very quiet for me then. Despite drawing an airplane, I travelled mostly by train – didn’t stop me from missing a flight though.



Whilst I was in Europe, I collected postcards from every city I visited starting with Copenhagen and I drew mandalas and landmarks on them. I ended up with 11 different postcards from all over Europe. You can have a look at the collection here



In Prague, there’s a wall called Lennon Wall where people graffiti messages of love, bright colours and Beatles lyrics. While I was there, I decided to leave my own mark.



When I got home, I was really loving the Bristol vibe – especially during the Harbour Festival. I decided to draw 12 of Bristol’s boats floating along the harbourside.



I also had fun at this year’s Upfest street art festival. I spent a lovely summer’s day painting this design on a large piece of wood in front of tonnes of people.



During October, I learned not to attempt a daily challenge in the same week that you start a new job. I tried to take part in Inktober this year, but only made it to day 11.



I was feeling super Christmassy in November because I was delivering my Christmas card designs around Bristol. I just love Christmas jumpers so couldn’t not draw some.



Finally, to celebrate Christmas, I was asked by Paper Plane to design their Christmas Window Display. So I covered the front of their shop in patterned baubles of all different sizes.

There were lots of other drawings I did that didn’t make the cut, and you can check them out on my Facebook page, Instagram or Tumblr. I had loads of fun this year and I can’t wait to see what drawings I come up with in 2016.

How has your 2015 been? Have you got any artwork you want to share? Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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