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The Ones And Twos Of A Record Label

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Antonia wondered if record labels juggled as many different tasks as it seems, so she went to speak to Bristol-based all-female record label, Saffron Records to find out.

Laura Lewis-Paul launched Saffron Records earlier this year, as she felt that (young) women needed support in the extremely male-dominated industry of the music business. Saffron Records are based at Colston Hall and support young female music artists in developing themselves in their own right.

She offers apprenticeships, the opportunity to get signed and a program to engage young women to explore their talents in music production, DJing and Mcing. I interviewed the creative director herself and her apprentices, Emma and Naomi, to get to grips with the many hats worn by record label runners. Whilst giving me real insight into how a record labels are run, Laura, Emma and Naomi also showed me how Saffron Records sets itself apart from the rest.

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