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Gymuary Playlist

Source: comingsoon.net

Source: comingsoon.net

Despite being hesitant to practice what she preaches, Antonia’s brightening up your January with all the gym motivation you’ll ever need. 

It’s cold, everyone’s broke, productivity and motivation levels are somewhere in the minus region. January is a bleak month but the fact of the matter is, we all have responsibilities we have to face up to – mine being that I have to write an introduction before I hand this playlist over to you.

You may be doing just fine. You may have decided to completely sack off your New Year’s Resolution, lying to yourself that you’ll ‘try again next year’. You may have deleted and blocked your personal trainer, hiding out and still recovering from your first session of the year. You might have even forgotten that you ever agreed to be a better version of yourself this year and I just reminded you and now you’re sheepishly putting down the muffin in your hand. It’s fine, I’m not judging. I can openly admit that I’ve curated this gym playlist for those of you dealing with that mid-January slump, with no intentions of my own to go to the gym for the foreseeable future (even though I’ve got a monthly membership burning a hole into my bank account).

Source: adventuresinfratland.tumblr.com

This playlist is for all of those who fit into any of the above. For those of you shooting in the gym five days a week despite the naysayers, this playlist is also for you.


Source: djkhaled305 Snapchat

I have compiled over two hours worth of tracks to get you through those crunches, squats and planks. DJ Khaled is doing it (albeit all on Snapchat). Lethal B makes a living from writing songs about it. I’m contemplating it. Let this Gymuary Playlist empower you to get through the month. Pump, people pump.

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