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FILM: ‘You Are Not Alone’


Check out this new award-winning animation about bullying.

Our names are Shushana Seymour-Grigg, Nadia Shamow, Rahma Osman and Freya Parsons and we are Year 8 Students at Fairfield High School in Bristol. In October 2015 we entered a competition called Sharp Shotz run by the charity IDEAL. Working as a team we developed a campaign to help encourage victims of child abuse to seek support. As a group we were concerned that some young children did not know who to turn to and ask for help.

After researching the wide spread occurrence of child abuse, we wrote and produced a film to get a message out to young victims. The film is entitled ‘You Are Not Alone’ and uses simple animated sequences with interviews with support workers to help get this message across.

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Our campaign moving forward centres around this message and we hope it will encourage young people who are suffering to reach out for the help they need. If you would like to see the film please go the Sharp-Shotz website to see the finished work. Please share this film with friends and family to help us get the message to still suffering victims of abuse.

The experience of writing and helping to produce a film has been a fantastic experience. We have had the opportunity to spend time at the BBC and UWE. We have also had the opportunity to develop skills in leading a campaign, attending workshops with experts in this field. We have learnt to operate cameras and direct a film learning to conduct our own interviews. Not many Year 8 students have this opportunity. We would like to thank all the team at Sharp-Shotz for their support and time to help make our film and campaign become a reality.

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