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Five Independent Clothing Brands To Look Out For

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Barker takes a trip through his wardrobe to bring you five of the freshest up-and-coming brands of 2016.

Fashion and garms are something I’ve always been interested in and one of the only things I spend my wages on. I’m always on the lookout for the next big brand, or anything new that I rate, so this article is dedicated to five up-and-coming independent clothing brands. I reached out them for some pro-tips on running your own label and what they do what they do, and here’s what they had to say:

God Made Gods, Bristol


What made you start your clothing brand?

I started GMGFX in 2014 and after working on pictures of local rap artists and Snoop Dogg putting my picture on his Instagram I wanted to take it to another level. In 2015 I was going through some health problems and I started designing logos for other people’s clothing brands, through the support of my partner and my friends it led to me joining up with the people that showed me a lot of support with GMGFX. This in turn led to me and my business partners setting up God Made Gods Clothing in 2015.

What do you want your audience to know about the brand? 

The reason behind the name is we have all been judged or degraded at some point in our lives. When we say God Made Gods people think religion but its deeper than that, if I can believe I am something, then I can believe I can have a purpose. So the meaning behind God Made Gods is you control your own destiny, you can achieve anything you want regardless of religion, wealth or status. You are somebody, you are a God. Our vision is providing you with affordable, stylish clothing to support your individual style. We also try and help build your brand by designing logos and specific styles that fit your brand.

What are your top tips for someone thinking of starting a clothing line?

My top tips would be to do it because you love it, don’t try and do it for the money do it for the love and the money will follow. Try and think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to be inspired but be original with your ideas. Take all advice on board and be the best you because you are the only competition.


Shotta Clothing, London


What made you start your brand?

An interest in clothing lines and fashion. An eye for detail with a creative mind. I believed we had a good logo and ideas that aren’t currently available. Our main aim is to see people we respect and who are trying to make it in all aspect (sport, music etc) wear our brand. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing a gifted person doing the thing they love well whilst wearing our brand.

What do you want your audience to know about the brand?

We as a brand have literally started from nothing. No handouts, no sponsorship deal, no big investment funds. We push every day to make the best quality designs for you guys. We literally have 1000s of tees, logos etc we just weren’t happy with and have put in the bin. We want to support anyone with a talent so anyone who thinks they have a talent or can promote should always get in contact with us. As a brand we love to get personal with everyone; we like to message you to find out about you, your thoughts on the brand and even ideas. We don’t just want to take your money and run.’

What are your top tips for someone thinking of starting a clothing line?

We are super, super new to the scene so tips would be hard to give right now. Always stay positive, stay focused, there will be days where things aren’t going right but you have to keep the grind strong. I really believe the rewards and following will come. Another thing is maybe don’t launch your brand too early, we weren’t meant to even start until 2017 but we got so excited about the brand so we launched really early before we even finished the website, Facebook page and our full line. But people who want to purchase now can still grab a discounted exclusive before the official drop which will be spring/summer 2017.


Dreamdrop, Bristol


What made you start your clothing brand? 

I started off the brand as a college project, printing and designing my own tees. I enjoyed the process and saw a bit of demand for my clothes so I just went from there.

What do you want your audience to know about the brand? 

I want my audience to know that each piece is different in some way yet still connected to the theme of the brand, be it the design or the garment. From the start the brand has been exclusive and each drop is limited with no restocks.

What are your top tips for someone thinking of starting a clothing line?

I’d say to stay patient and that consistency is key. It takes time for your brand to get out there so make the most of your opportunities when they come and just enjoy the journey.


Smoke Loud UK, Bristol 


What made you start your clothing brand? 

That’s always a good question as we believe our brand is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. So we combined the two and became one, but a lot of our inspiration has come from while taking trips to the city of kings – Amsterdam. Seeing all the head shops and gift shops open and always a great atmosphere we would always step in each one and take a browse.

What do you want your audience to know about the brand? 

So the biggest upcoming news we have is 2017 festival takeover, after setting levels in this year’s season we our making sure next year we our back and bringing you the brand first hand to all sides of the U.K. All upcoming featuring events and how to find us can be found via our online webpage.


What are your top tips for someone thinking of starting a clothing line?

I think the best advice for anyone who would like to start a clothing brand is to make sure you are independent and can handle taking a L, but most of all be yourself and never give up on your dream.


Mary Jane UK, Derby


What made you start your clothing brand? 

I have always been a creative soul and been fascinated by fashion & streetwear. I enjoy piecing together outfits and thinking about how I can create or improve current looks. I’ve always wanted to have a clothing company which gives me the freedom to create whatever I choose, so once I graduated Uni I decided to go for it.

What do you want your audience to know about the brand?

All I need my audience to know about my brand is where to cop it. On a serious level, I want my audience to know that Mary Jane UK is a brand for everyone who loves fashion and streetwear. I am working on designs for a wider appeal for 2017 and am fully gassed to let the people see what’s in store.

What are your top tips for someone thinking of starting a clothing line? 

My top tips for someone who wants to start a brand is go for it. Chase your dreams but don’t forget to do your research. The clothing industry, specifically independent clothing, is a very saturated market, so make sure you establish a target audience. Also don’t worry about other brands, stay true to your brand. Believe, and it will grow.

Mary Jane UK

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