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We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

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Barker is a musician and writer from Dursley, Gloucestershire, and one of the newest content creators for Rife Magazine. He has released music from a young age and his creative writing shone through to land him a job at Rife. His main interests include but are not exclusive to – music, politics, life for young people, fashion, food and the deepest of deep conversations about the world.

How Anxiety Controls My Life

This is my one and only personal piece at Rife so I thought I'd save it till the end.
Social Issues / / Barker

VIDEO: Jenga And A Chat With Bristol Youth Mayors

Barker and Kaja sat down with the new Youth Mayors of Bristol, Jack and Eve, to dress up and play...
Bristol / / Barker

There's A General Election In Six Weeks And You Need To Vote

Barker gives us a quick sum up about what Theresa May was talking about in her statement, and how you...
Social Issues / / Barker

Country Boy To City Slicker

McDonalds, myth.
Bristol / / Barker

VIDEO: Meet Bristol Young Heroes Overall Winner Ashley Burnett

Barker sat down with Bristol Young Heroes Winner 2017 Ashley Burnett to talk about her work with children and how it...
Bristol / / Barker

The Link: Publishing/Books Networking Special

The Link is BACK in April.
Events / / Barker

Bristol's Public Transport Troubles

For many, buses are a life-line in city life, their main method of transport so it's important that they're running...
Bristol / / Barker

Dealing With Your Mental Health In The Workplace

It's been a tough week, ups and downs, but Barker thinks this will do people a world of good, some...
Lifestyle / / Barker

Trident: The Whose, Whats And How Much

Trident is our nuclear weapons system, and with the renewal of the programme coming up, Barker thought this would be...
Social Issues / / Barker

Escaping A Warzone: The Syrian Refugee Crisis And Why You Should Care

Syria is in a crisis, and it's not getting any better for anyone.
Social Issues / / Barker