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Callisthenics: The World Is Your Gym

Meet Tug MC and Star Boy Asian, Bristol’s body weight masters in this documentary about callisthenics.

Callisthenics. It means beautiful strength. Never heard of it before?

Well Tug MC and Starboy Asian are here to tell you what it is, why they do it and how you can get involved.

I’ve been training with Tug MC and Starboy Asian for a minute now, and I’ve really got into the world of using body weight training to build up my core strength. So I decided to make a documentary about these guys and the amazing things they can do with their bodies.

Some of the moves these guys can do might look impossible, but I assure you it’s not. Just superhuman.

As Starboy Asian says, the world is your gym.

If you’re interested in trying callisthenics then it’s easy to get started as you need very little equipment other than your own body. You can find a wide variety of callisthenics workouts online. I would recommend checking out the six month callisthenics Workout Plan For Beginners from Bar Brothers

The Essential 6 Month Calisthenics Workout Plan For Bar Brother Beginners

Don’t forget to go and give Tug MC some love on his Soundcloud, he’s got loads of great songs here

As well as check out both Starboy Asian and Tug MC‘s Instagram accounts 

The Beginner’s Guide To Callisthenics

The word callisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). The aim of the training is to increase strength and flexibility through pushing, pulling and lifting you’re own body weight, using no (or very little) equipment. Because of this, calisthenics is very accessible to anyone who wishes to try it. All you need to have is your body and motivation. If you’re intrested in trying it out, you can find a wide variety of calisthenics workouts online. I would recommend checking out the six month callisthenics workout plan for beginners from Bar Brothers. Or, if you live in Bristol and you want to train with Star Boy Asian, head down to Freedog between 6-7pm every Wednesday for an hour of training – all genders and all ages welcome.

Have you already heard of callisthenics? Do you plan on trying it now? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the video.