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Get Lost In These Unique Bristol Spaces

Check out these amazing spots on your own Bristol doorstep.

Ah, Bristol. City of wonder. We love you for your quirky hotspots, your hidden gems, your lively spirit. Imogen went in search of the colourful, the playful, the chill, and the adventurous spaces that make Bristol the vibrant city we know and love.

DIY Skate Park

Situated under the M32 motorway in Eastville, the skatepark was built by the community from waste collected in the area.

The amazing street art in the park has come from local artists.

.The spot is also the only free undercover skatepark in Bristol.

Kongs Of King Street

Situated on King Street, Kongs is a place to eat, drink, and play games.

Release your inner nerd with 80s and 90s retro arcade games.

Ping-pong and table foosball are also available to play.

A nostalgic night out can be washed down with a cold beer.

Atomic Burger

You can find this 90s kids treasure trove on Gloucester Road.

The restaurant is filled with memorabilia from cult sci-fi films and comic books.

The menu includes themed burgers and milkshakes, taking you right back to your childhood.

Steak Of The Art

As well as a steak house, Steak Of The Art is an ever-changing art gallery that can be found on Canons Way.

The restaurant features individually themed booths, including ‘Pop Art’, ‘Alice In Wonderland’, and ‘New York’ .

Artwork displays can be found on the walls, creating a visually special eating experience.

Playground Coffee House

This playful board game cafe is situated on St Nicholas Street.

Sit on the swings and sip coffee on rainy day whilst pondering over a large selection of board games.

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