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Self-care tips that aren’t as fun as bath bombs but need to happen

Some self-care tips that aren’t the super fun but actually make you feel better

Self-care. I’m not sure about you, but the first things that come to my head when I hear that phrase are bath bombs, facemasks, Netflix, and hot chocolate – all the fun things. But not everyone can afford all those things, and sometimes the things that would do us the most good aren’t fun… which is why I guess we don’t always do them. Getting some of these not so fun things done might alleviate the fundamental stress you’re carrying day to day.

Check your bank account

Money is a source for a lot of anxiety, especially as young person. I’m sure we all love to dabble in some retail therapy when we’re stressed, but not knowing how much money you have is an easy way to add to stress further down the road through lack of budgeting. I’m not asking you to sit down with an accountant – just see how much you have in your account.  You can plan and spend with in your means and still treat yourself. Also check your credit score while you’re at it. It’s also important and way less scary than you think.

Delete/block/stop talking to toxic people

Social media is wonderful – it can connect people, re-connect people and be an extra line of contact if it should ever be needed. However, sometimes there are people that may take up too much of your brain space, and not for good reasons. If you find yourself feeling angry or aggravated when you’re on social media, work out the source of the stress and get rid of it: block, unfollow do what you need to keep your timeline digestible and far less stressful.

Think of two things you like about yourself every day

I know at least two people who would find the time to write 20 things they like about themselves without batting an eyelid, but for many of us our inner critic is way louder than our inner hypeman. Even if it’s hard, writing down and saying two things you like about yourself may be your first step to better self-confidence.

Prep and or plan your meals

It’s easy to forget to eat or to reach for the most convenient thing like crisps, doughnuts, a sandwich and all the snacks that come with a £3 meal deal. Even though sometimes you can make healthy choices – if you’re stressed, you’re more likely to gravitate towards things that will release endorphins and spike your insulin like chocolate and sugary foods. Planning and prepping your food will stop you from making rash decisions and will make sure you’re not missing meals. And in the long run it’ll be much cheaper and one less thing you need to worry about day to day!

Take the meds you need to

If you have to take medicine for any reason it’s so important you do. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes that extra but vital step can be forgotten. Set reminders on your phone; have someone physically remind you; use particular tasks like brushing your teeth or having breakfast as a cue – whatever makes the most sense to you. Doing something this simple could improve your stress tenfold.

Take some time for yourself

Humans are social creatures, but sometimes we just need to be alone. Whether you use that time to read, clean up a bit, have a shower – use it to reflect and to give yourself time to recharge from… well, life really. You deserve it.

Looking after yourself can seem like a selfish thing to do, especially if you’re used to looking after other people, but honestly if you don’t look after yourself how are you going to have the energy to do that? Self-care is important, so give yourself priority for once.

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