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Black Photography Commission: Portraits

For the third of our photography commissions Lenacha shares her work that has a distinctly editorial vibe.

Lenacha is a 17-year-old photographer based in Manchester. Lenacha is mainly interested in photographing faces and portraiture as they are able to tell a story that would be hard to tell any other way. She is obsessed with the human experience and what makes individuals unique.

Tell us more about your photos.

This collection of photos highlight some of the work I do. I like to take pictures that look editorial, with the help of a flash. Or take them with natural lighting. I like for my photos to resemble those in vintage fashion magazines such as in the 90s or 2000s. So I make collages/ edits with photos from the shoots I do.

My favourite thing about photographing is connecting with the subject and capturing candid moments. That’s how one creates genuine photos and becomes a better photographer.

My ambitions as a photographer is to take pictures with bigger clients such as magazines, spread my work with a bigger audience and finish personal projects I have in mind.

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For the third of our photography commissions Lenacha shares his unique take on fashion photography as art.