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Breaking into the Creative Sector: Meshworks Power Lunch with Bristol24/7 and Crack Magazine

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Breaking into the Creative Sector: Meshworks Power Lunch with Bristol 24/7 and Crack Magazine

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What are the Meshworks Power Lunches?

These Power Lunches are a series of conversations with creative organisations in the West of England, exploring what they search for when recruiting new members of their team.

Who is in conversation in this one?

Keziah Wenham-Kenyon from the Meshworks community is in conversation with Lowie Trevena, Production, Lifestyle and LGBTQ+ Editor at Bristol 24/7, and Tom Frost, Director at Crack Magazine.   

What do they talk about?

Lowie and Tom both agreed that they take active action to reach a wider and more representative network by posting their jobs on inclusive platforms like Creative Access and ‘She Said So’. Tom also suggested that a much more effective way to find potential candidates is asking them about their knowledge of the magazine. Instead of a cover letter, knowledgeable answers make it clearer for the recruitment team to understand the candidate’s passion and is a ‘massive change of mentality,’ says Tom.

Top tips from the chat:

“We go out and really make the effort to make sure we have applicants from all walks of life. Especially through posting jobs on platforms that are making the industry more inclusive” – Lowie from Bristol 24/7

“When submitting job applications,  a lot of the language used can be restrictive and gatekeeper-y, so we make sure to simplify the point we’re making” – Tom from Crack Magazine

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