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Courtney Rodrigues

Hi guys, my name’s Courtney. I come from a tiny village in Surrey, which has a bus running once every two hours. I work in a pub in my little village and absolutely love it. I had always believed I was a tea kind of person, till I fell in love with the coffee machine at work. It was then that I realised that lattes were my jam. I’m a huge fan of Disney and could easily watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ on repeat for days. I dyed my hair red, so I now feel super close to my gal.

I’m currently working through my final year at UWE studying English with Writing, whilst participating in a 5-week placement at Rife. I write about films for my blog, which gives me a great excuse to watch as many movies as I can whilst claiming it’s for research and very beneficial. I’m a bit of a Twitter addict, telling as many people as I can about stuff they probably don’t care about.

The First Date: Expectations Vs Reality

Courtney is here with a tale of one of her worst first dates, hoping it will act as a warning...

Fillers, Prods and Pokes: How Cosmetic Surgery is Changing Society

Courtney discussed cosmetic surgery's new place on the high street and what effect it's having on young people.

Why Do We Crave Happy Endings?

Courtney wants to know whether films should be realistic or escapist and why audiences need for things to end optimistically.
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