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Ella Marshall

Ella is a sixth form student and a community activist. She was the Member of Youth Parliament for the city 2015 – 2016 and is the founder of Freedom of Mind Festival. You can find her in cafes, record shops and often marching through Bristol with a placard in hand. Liam Fox MP once noted her ‘Cromwellian spirit’ and she was called ‘challenging’ by an ex-Mayor of Bristol.

Freedom Of Mind Festival

Ella, the creator of Freedom Of Mind Festival tells us how it came about and how you can put your...
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An Open Letter To OFSTED And The Education Secretary

Ella Marshall's impassioned, emotional open letter to the chief inspector of OFSTED and the education secretary.

The Case For Talking To Islamophobes

Ella Marshall pleads for humanity in a world descending into Islamophobia as a way of problem-solving.

Time To Vote And Make Your Mark

Bristol City Youth Council member Ella Marshall wants you to help decide what the most important issues facing young people...