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The Rife Team

Hari Ramakrishnan

Hari Ramakrishnan feels as if television was his unofficial third parent. Hari comes from a very talented musical family whose auditory gifts were not passed onto him, so he compensates writing journalistic articles, short stories and plays (including two original scripts performed at London’s Lyceum Theatre on the West End). Hari is very proud this. He also spends time working as professional wrestling manager Pariah Khan. Hari also wrote this short introduction.

OSCARS SPECIAL: Best Original Song Nominees

Hari pits the Best Oscar songs against each other.
Music / / Hari Ramakrishnan

OSCAR SPECIAL: 'Spotlight' vs 'The Big Short'

Hari explores the Oscar contenders featuring the biggest Oscar bait.
Film / / Hari Ramakrishnan

FILM: 'Trumbo' vs 'The Front'

Hari explores how film is dissecting a dark part of America's history.
Film / / Hari Ramakrishnan

OSCAR SPECIAL: 'The Revenant' vs 'The Hateful Eight'

Continuing his trawl through the best film nominees for this year's Oscars, Hari pits the two Westerns against each other.
Film / / Hari Ramakrishnan

OSCARS SPECIAL: 'Brooklyn' vs 'Carol'

In the first of his Oscar death match match-ups, Hari watches 'Brooklyn' and 'Carol'.
Film / / Hari Ramakrishnan

DOCUMENTARY: Panthers vs Bullets

Hari watches two documentaries about recent histories and weighs them up.
Film / / Hari Ramakrishnan