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Neha Maqsood

Neha Maqsood is a 20-year-old, born-and-bred Pakistani currently pursuing a dual degree in Medicine and Global Health at Imperial College London and Bristol University. Alongside her academics, she is a part-time actress and radio show host. She starred in the 2018 film “Sisters in Arms,” which is currently being shown at film festivals around the world, and hosted the award-winning radio show, “Will I ever be a Doctor?” under the Burst Radio Station. Most recently, she was listed as one of the 100 Most Influential BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) people in Bristol by Bristol 24/7 and Bristol Cable for her work in empowering ethnic minorities through leading a Women’s March in Bristol and kick-starting a radio show calling out microaggressions against POCs on campus. Currently, she writes for multiple publications, including Epigram, Brown Girl Magazine, The Tempest and That’s What She Said, about race, breaking through the Pakistani patriarchy and brown-feminism.

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