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Zia Holloway

Zia is an alumni of the BFI film academy and is a BAFTA-mentored screenwriter. Always on the move (having lived in a grand total of sixteen houses) and constantly immersing herself in new environments, the amazing people she has met and unique places she has lived inspire much of her writing. When she isn’t writing, she’s either hiking in the Welsh mountains or watching way too many films.

What I learned from BBC New Creatives: the value of experience

Zia tells us about creating her first professional audio commission through this boundary-breaking programme

Ten Wonders of World Cinema You Should Check Out During Lockdown

Zia counts down ten of her favourite films that you should be streaming
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Zia's moved back in with her mum to save up for her future

Married at 21 - is it too young?

Zia considers reactions to her friend's wedding plans and wonders whether it's time for everyone to mind their own business

The ‘N-word’ – just don’t say it

Are you a white person that raps along to the 'N-word'? Zia doesn't think that's ok