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We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

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Skate About: a skateboarding documentary

Vandals, hooligans, trouble-makers.
Bristol / Film / Sport / / Rife Editor

Football and Racism: what’s being done?

Alex examines how social media is making racism even harder to battle in sport

Young people vs the Police: Football with the Feds

Mikael goes to see if police-led football matches could be a key to helping the community  I’m sure that...
Sport / / Mikael Techane

'Dropping In': A Skateboarding Documentary

Check out our new documentary, made by BFI Film Academy students 2016/17, on finding yourself...in a skate park.
Sport / / Rife Editor

Why Do I Run?

Through all the early mornings, wind, rain and sweat, Jazz unpins what drives her to keep running.
Sport / / Jasmine Thompson

AirHop And The Reimagined Picture Of Sport

After going to AirHop, Antonia reflects on her attitude towards sport and fitness and the huge role her experiences at...
Sport / / Antonia Odunlami

Access All Areas: On Disability And Sport

We made a video with Triple A Disability Group about the inspiring disabled leaders of sport in Bristol.
Sport / / Sarah Dunmall

Hoop, There It Is

Inspired by the new year, Grace seized the opportunity to learn the most unique sport she could think of. She...
Sport / / Grace Shutti

Where Are All The Guys In My Aerobics Class?

Cai attends aerobics classes, and he comes away wondering why more men aren't jumping at the chance to come along.
Sport / / Cai Burton

Roller Derby: Bristol Girls Can

We know Bristol Girls Can participate in sport, and have an amazing time doing it.
Sport / / Jess Connett