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The Dos And Don’ts Of Social Media

Adibah went to a social media masterclass with James Wheale and found out the dos and don’ts of social media.

James Wheale is a writer and game director at Slingshot Effect Ltd, famous for its sell-out zombie chase street game ‘2.8 Hours Later’ and that game where you get chased by zombies on the streets, yes you heard me right! James spoke with us last week about ‘social media and the power of writing the right thing.’ And here are his tips for you..

Stalk talented people.

Remember to always stalk people who are doing it right, find out how and why. This will show you what does or doesn’t work well.

Your audience are your friends, so keep them entertained.

It’s always important to engage your audience. Ask them questions to get them involved. Why don’t you even give out prizes, but make sure you don’t give them any false hope, because there will be a crowd of torches and pitchforks standing outside your home. Your audience can be your best friends or they can be your worst enemies.

Remember: a good audience doesn’t necessarily mean a big audience. It’s better to have a few followers who actually engage with you. It’s hard, but it’s worth the effort. Why? Because then you have created a community of like-minded people commenting on your work and giving you feedback (which is what you need to create the perfect project). If they’re really into you, they will promote what you create and bring people to you.

Use Spreadsheets to collect data.

Yes, I hear you, they can be long and very boring, but it’s a great way to find out what works on your Twitter account. Storing every single tweet you have posted at what time, then who commented on your post and who retweeted . This is how you find out when you get the most attention on social media and who is good to mention in a tweet. It’s boring but crucial.

Find a voice.

Find a house style and stick with it! Make sure it compliments what you’re selling or promoting.

Don’t use just one type of social media.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, all social networks have a shelf life, so make sure that you are on a range of social media.

Don’t delete negative comments, even if it’s really killing you…

I know how easy it is to press that delete button, but don’t do it. Because that complainer will NEVER go away.

People can be mean online…

But don’t be disheartened, they’re not all bad!

Be honest.

Because you will get caught out…

There you have it, inspirational stuff from James Wheale… give him a follow on Twitter @jameswheale

What are your social media tips? How do you interact with your followers and what do you think is important for a social media presence?