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Pick of the Week: Learn to Use a Professional Music Studio


Hal go places in Bristol and he does things and then he will be recommending them here, every week. See where Hal’s been this week.

Hi, my name is Hal, Rife’s new copywriter and resident visitor of youth projects. I have been working behind the scenes writing new listings for our sister (in law) site Go Places Do Things. Taking its motto to heart, I have gone places and done things, namely visited a whole bunch of youth projects and workshops in Bristol. In this new weekly post i’m going to share with you some of the highlights of my numerous (bus) journeys.

Making music can be a solitary pastime. Although the internet provides access to endless new ways to learn and expand our knowledge, it’s no substitute for having an experienced mentor or collaborating with others. But where, outside of costly music courses, can you find this kind of guidance? Here’s a great place to start.

Situated in St Pauls, Docklands Youth Centre is host to variety of exciting projects. Every Wednesday and Friday evening Hi-Road Studios takes over, providing a free music drop-in for anyone aged 11-25 to sharpen their music and production skills, work on projects or simply come along and learn the basics.

The session are run by the ACE team, a triad of music producers, teachers and mentors using their combined experience to form like Voltron into a force for good in the city. If you’re passionate about music and looking to move forward, they can help you take the next step.

Head to Go Places Do Things to find out how you can get involved

Where are you at with your music? Leave us your Soundcloud links below. If you’d like to get in touch with ACE, find out more here