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Pick of the Week: Get Help Finding a Job

Copyright: Hal Morrell-Samuel

Copyright: Hal Morrell-Samuel

This week, Hal heads to Windmill Hill Community Centre to talk about jobs.

Unemployment can be tough. It’s not just financial poverty, the aspect of unemployment usually focused on. It can manifest in other ways, like a lack of confidence, faith and motivation to move forward with your life, often leading to depression and isolation. It’s this aspect of unemployment that I have dealt with personally, and while I can only speak from my own experience, I think the problem is larger and more widespread than most people realise.

Thankfully, there are others in Bristol who feel the same, and have stepped in to help. Every Tuesday afternoon, Learning Partnership West provides a free drop-in in Bedminster for anyone currently out of work, education and training, between the ages of 16-19.

You’ll be offered guidance and help in finding your feet, with access to the internet and advice  to help you write your CV, send applications or just to plan the next stage of your life. Perhaps most important of all, it’s a chance to find support, face-to-face, and engage with a group of people who are going through similar experiences. It’s this kind of community that can make all the difference. The NEET drop-in in Bedminster is a great place to find the help you need to take the next step.

Head to Go Places Do Things if you’d like to get in touch and find out more

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