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An Awesome Bristol Band: Weatherstate

Copyright: Weatherstate

Copyright: Weatherstate

Molly checked out new Bristol band ‘Weatherstate’ and thought they were ace. 

Weatherstate are a four-piece punk rock band from Bristol that have recently returned from a weeklong headline tour all over the UK. Formed at university in Bristol, Weatherstate has gone on to play alongside the likes of ‘Hey Vanity’ and ‘The Swellers‘. They recently released an EP titled ‘Dead Ends‘.

Copyright: Weatherstate

Copyright: Weatherstate

I asked the band whether they felt Bristol is a good starting place for a band and why? Of course I got a positive response as this is Bristol we are talking about…

Here is what they said:

‘Absolutely! Bristol as a whole is a very enriched place for music and we very much learnt this when we moved to the city for university a few years ago. The “punk” scene in particular has been a fantastic starting point for us with our old bands and with promoters like Deadpunk pushing shows into The Exchange as well as The Fleece putting on a ton of shows. It’s just great to see so many promoters really making room for local supports on their shows. We have so many strong memories playing at The Croft (RIP) with some of our favourite bands when we first moved to the city. It’s cool to see that things will continue in the same way and inspire a whole new generation of bands and all that’

our EP ‘Dead Ends’ is based on people who are surrounded by wasted opportunities

I asked what tips they had for other young artists on becoming a successful band. ‘Haha! Well we don’t consider ourselves “successful” in any sense of the word. We still feel we are in the early stages of being a band but there are simple things you can do when you’re young’.

Come on guys… you’re an unsigned band who have managed a weeklong headline tour and has supported bands that have thousands of fans. In my eyes, youre somewhat successful – believe in yourself a bit more guys!

EP ‘Dead Ends’ is based on people who are surrounded by wasted opportunities, laziness and procrastination. Basically living in a town with dead ends. The music video for song ‘The World Has Got It In For You’ to me, represents the entire theme of the EP as we see a troubled young adult who hasn’t got anything better to do than be an inconvenience in a never ending cycle.

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Here are some tips from the band to other young artists:

‘Just try to put yourself in the shoes of your favourite band and think “what would they do?”. You’ll begin to question the overall presentation of your own band. Try not to over-think things too much though! Keep it organic. Just be nice to people and work hard and things will play out for you.’ I think these tips are great for keeping the motivation up and holding on to inspiration.

If you want to hear more of ‘Weatherstate‘ then visit their Bandcamp and tell us what you think @rifemag

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