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RECAP + QUIZ: Could you be a BuzzFeed Digital Journalist?

Source: npr.org

Source: npr.org

Scotty Bryan from BuzzFeed came to Watershed for our free December masterclass. What for? To teach us how to get ahead in journalism while living in this digital world of ours. OBVI.

When you think BuzzFeed, what do you think of? Lists, lists and more lists? Well, buddy, get your head around this one: they do quizzes too. JUST KIDDING… they do a whole lot more than that, including an irreverent smasher of a news section, a dedicated LGBTQA+ stream, and so much more that just talks sense to a digital generation.

We got Scotty Bryan, Buzzfeed’s Entertainment Editor, to chat us through how he got to where he is today, and how we could possibly follow in his lol-smothered footsteps.

Without further ado, here is Rife’s FIRST EVER quiz, dedicated to all those at BuzzFeed who make our days fly by that little bit quicker.

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What do you think of our first quiz? Are you super keen on becoming a digital journo? Let us know on Twitter or on FaceBuzz