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Molly’s Journey


Molly reflects on her six months at Rife before launching into outer space.

Over the past six months I have learnt a lot by doing a lot.

Over the past six months I have learnt a lot by doing a lot. I have explored what I like to photograph, film and write about, which is mainly music, film and animals. I have also developed new skills in the process like how to write for an audience and how to use to use a broadcast quality camera and how to market my own articles. Although it’s been a busy six months, it has also been fun and here is what my six months looked like:

At first, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do…

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… but then I sat and thought of a few ideas to kickstart my six months. My first idea was ‘Six Spooky Films That Your Parents Won’t Mind You Watching’, which I thought would be perfect for Halloween and to make a point that not all scary Halloween films are 15+.  I really enjoyed writing the article and knew I wanted to do a load more!

I realised actually I’m not so bad at writing after all

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After getting the hang of things I knew I could make many more articles as my ideas were flowing. I had always thought I wasn’t so great at writing and maybe I’m not the best but I don’t think that matters as there’s always people to help you and even if there isn’t then at least you’re having fun, especially clicking ‘publish’ when it’s finished.

I noticed writing about bands to accompany my hobby of music photography was becoming a thing

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I really like music and I love live music. I used to play in a few bands in secondary school but over the past year I found myself taking pictures of bands rather than being the band being photographed. I found that I could take my interest in music photography a little bit further into a bit of music journalism. I have wrote a handful of band reviews/gig reviews for Rife, which I am very proud of.

AS I expanded my writing and photography skills, I got to explore Bristol in a different way…

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I went out and took pictures of dogs and cats in Bristol. Not only because I like cats and dogs and other cute animals but because I could, and call it work. The reason being that animals have personalities too, like humans, but not in the same way as humans. I decided to find out a bit more about personalities of cats and dogs in Bristol because there’s more behind the cuteness of these furry friends.

I love working with audio…

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I was never sure about working with audio because I didn’t know what use I’d be but I realised I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to sound. I have been practising my sound skills over the last six months both with Rife and outside of Rife. Outside of Rife I have been involved with a group of friends and their production company ‘Prawn Productions‘ doing boom mic operating and sound recordist on location. In Rife I have used the boom mic when filming and have made a few short compositions. Both have lead me to a short regional film course, which I am very excited about!

I now have a clearer idea of what I’d like to do in the future…

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I’m still being open minded about my future and have learnt I have skills I can use and build on in different areas of the media industry which will help me develop onto a path I’d like to choose.

I shall leave you with a teaser of everything I have done over the past six months. If you want to read my articles in full then here is my contributor page

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