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Is Masculinity In Crisis?


We head to the Young People’s Festival of Ideas to find out whether, in an age where feminism and anti-sexism are high up on the public agenda, masculinity is in crisis, and whether that’s even a bad thing?

What is Masculinity? As part of the Young People’s Festival of Ideas, we wanted to explore what Masculinity means. We spoke to Dr Shawn Sobers, Nikesh Shukla (our gracious editor) and Natalie Jester, Dan Squire and Flo Yapp at a recent Young People’s Festival of Ideas event at Arnolfini as well as taking to the streets of Bristol to ask the public what they thought.

It was interesting to explore this theme, and we touched on a lot more than just masculinity, exploring themes such as feminism, the media, gender roles and even questioning whether masculinity actually exists or if it’s simply a social construct.

Read a recap of the event here on Bristol Eye

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Young People’s Festival of Ideas is a partnership project between Young Arnolfini, Salaam Shalom Youth Council and Bristol Festival of Ideas.

The film was supported by students from UWE and funded by Bristol City Council and the Rio Challenge Fund.

Thanks to Young People’s Festival of Ideas: Kamina Walton, Cai Burton, Becky Mead, Adibah Iqbal, Emma Morsi, Charlie Crosley-Thorne, Karandeep Sahota.

What do you think? Is masculinity in crisis? And if it is, surely that’s a good thing? Let us know: @rifemag

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