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Roller Derby: Bristol Girls Can


We know Bristol Girls Can participate in sport, and have an amazing time doing it. Here’s a video we made with Bristol Girls Can and Sport England, about your new favourite sport: Roller Derby. 

She slams into them all, barging with her hips…

The whistle blows. A woman on a bright pink pair of roller skates pulls a cap with a star on it over her helmet, sets her face with a look of pure steel, and begins rushing towards a group of skaters on the track. She slams into them all, barging with her hips and dancing on her skates, looking for a gap to get past them. One woman charges her from the side and they both smash into the floor, elbow and knee pads crashing together.

‘Sorry, mate,”’ says one to the other, laughing through her gum shield. The whistle blows, they jump up off the floor and skate away together.

Bristol Roller Derby

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This is Roller Derby, the most intense full-contact sport you’ll ever see, played by some of the most lovely, gentle girls you can imagine. It’s a fascinating mix that perhaps stems from something not often found in sport: an all-female environment. There are no jumped-up testosterone boys here, just lots of strong, empowered women.

This is roller derby, the most intense full-contact sport you’ll ever see…

Roller Derby was the obvious choice when we were asked by Sport England to make a film about women in sport for their This Girl Can campaign – an amazing national initiative to get more girls active. Bristol Roller Derby has been going strong for five years and attracts girls of all shapes, sizes and ability to training sessions. Their teams play in national leagues, battling and winning against teams from all over the country.

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Have we inspired you to try Roller Derby? Drop-in Derby sessions are for anyone wanting to give it a go, even if you’ve got no previous skating experience. Find out more here

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http://www.twitter.com/S4Lbristol #BristolGirlsCan
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Bristol Roller Derby
Sports England
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Music: ‘Under The Sun’ by Wexin
Directed/Edited by Jess Connett
Second Camera: Jack Edwards
Thanks to: Bristol Roller Derby, Esme Walton, Tali Skipper