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Bristol Zine Scene: How To Make Zines


Emma Blake Morsi, creator of Nocturnal Mag

This week on Rife we’re celebrating all things zine. Check out our video on the Bristol zine scene below.

A zine (abbreviated from fanzine) is a small self-made publication, like a magazine, but you do it all yourself. Zines can come in many different forms, from online digital content to comics. The possibilities are endless.

We wanted to find out more about the Bristol zine scene, so we interviewed Simon Moreton, organiser of the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair, and Emma Blake Morsi who created her own zine, Nocturnal Mag. Except we didn’t want to do just any film. To keep in line with the DIY culture of zines, we watched Jack’s Smartphone Masterclasses and filmed the entire thing on our iPhones.

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So how can you make your own zine? We have a re-cap coming from our zine-making masterclass with Kieran Yates. In the meantime, Rookie Mag has a great instructional guide about how to make a zine with nothing but a piece of paper, ruler and a knife.

If you want to find inspiration from other zines and comics, the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair is on 2nd October at The Station. For more information, head to the Rife Guide

Happy zine-making! Do you make a zine or comic? Share it with us @rifemag. We’d love to hear your tips and tricks.