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Make Your Resolution Count


Thinking of making a New Year’s Resolution? Bethan’s got your back.

…we put ourselves through the turmoil of betterment in an attempt to improve for the year ahead

It’s a New Year. And as ever, it’s bringing with it a barrage of hopeful resolutions; some that will be forgotten, a few that will be gallantly attempted until the end of January and maybe even a couple that we’ll actually manage to complete.

Every year it’s the same, we put ourselves through the turmoil of betterment in an attempt to improve for the year ahead. Many of us failing before the first month of the New Year is through. Last year I resolved to improve my time management skills, which I think I’ve really got better at this year. As I work freelance I have seen a vast improvement in working to deadlines and keeping on top of things, and it’s really helped the quality of my work.

This New Year I’m hoping to continue improving my time management skills as well as getting a bit more active, in both a physical and voluntary sense. I want to get out and about a bit more, get my step count up and take in some vitamin D. Sometimes working from home can mean that I (very) occasionally forget to go outside at all in a day.

As well as improving my health, I’m looking to support a few more causes in the New Year and see what work I can do with some worthy organisations in the long term. Taking up roles from getting less-abled people out and about, to conducting social media campaigns for organisations and charities that make a difference locally.

What are your goals for 2016?

What are your goals for 2016? Is it all study and no play or are you looking to travel and broaden your horizons? I looked up top 10 New Years resolutions, because why wouldn’t you want to get a peak at what everyone else is doing? There were 21,100,000 results –am I the only one that is still completely in awe of the internet? I chose to read statisticbritain.com because it sounded the most legitimate, and it came up with this:

  1. 1. Lose weight
  2. 2. Get organised
  3. 3. Spend less, save more
  4. 4. Enjoy life to the fullest 
  5. 5. Staying fit and healthy
  6. 6. Learn something exciting
  7. 7. Quit smoking
  8. 8. Help others
  9. 9. Fall in love
  10. 10. Spend more time with family

So there they are the top 10 resolutions, some of them are standard, ‘get organised’, I get that. But some are a little more worrying ‘enjoy life to the fullest’; who is only half enjoying things? Also ‘fall in love’?.. Come on people, we can only resolve to do the things we can control, and unless you’re just going to force yourself to fall in love with the first person that comes along this year, I don’t think this is the best idea.

Whether it’s calorie counting or climbing a mountain…

Whether it’s calorie counting or climbing a mountain I find it’s always helpful to share your goals and experiences. Do you guys post your resolutions on any social media sites? And if you do, do you find you are more motivated by your friends and followers being a part of it?

Social media is a lot of things and they’re not all good. But I think that one of the greatest things it does is enable us to connect to people that have similar interests as us –and no, I’m not talking about Tinder. Never before has it been so easy to find people that are interested in what you’re interested in, and that goes for resolutions too. Because it turns out, you’re probably not the only one embarking on that challenge you’re set yourself for 2016. So why not try to find some other likeminded people to share your experiences –and depending on how it goes, your struggle. With hashtags like #2016resolution and #2016goals its never been easier to see peoples progress and support each other, so let’s do it.

Good luck with your resolutions this year, I’m sure you’ll all smash it.

And Happy New Year.

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Have a happy new year.