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On The Home Straight

Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘The Last Semester’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson illustrates the realities of student life when approaching the end of term.

Exam season. The worst season of all.

Yes, I’m sure you’re all aware- it’s that time of year again. Exam season. The worst season of all. The season that turns even the strongest spirits into crumbling wrecks and puddles of vulnerable emotion. It may feel like you’re five feet away from the finish line but running on a treadmill- however the end is nigh, my friends. As Erykah Badu would say these last few weeks of education seem to be going ‘On and On’,  your blood stream is now eighty-percent coffee, and the person staring back at you in the mirror looks like they’ve just crawled out of a cave.

But if you can lift your faces off your keyboard and peel your eyes open for a few minutes, you might see some illustrations depicting yours, your friends, in fact- your entire college or university’s frame of mind at this late stage of the year. There will be no big words. This will require minimum effort. Just look at the pretty pictures, guys. If you’re still struggling for motivation, seek some support in Ailsa’s Revision Playlist to get you moving and throwing some shapes.

Hang in there guys, you’re nearly there.

Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘Sadly For Sophie’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson- [CLICK ON ME TO MAKE ME BIGGER]

Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘Library Life’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson [CLICK ON ME TO FULL SIZE ME]

Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘A Healthy Balance’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson [CLICK ON ME TO ENLARGE ME]

Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘Your Mates’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson [CLICK ON ME TO FULL-SIZE ME]

"Damn Daniel” -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘Damn Daniel’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson [CLICK ON ME GO ON]

“Crossroads” -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

‘Crossroads’ -Illustration by Jasmine Thompson

What’s your best coping technique for those end of term exams? We always want to hear your thoughts, tips and tricks.

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If you’re struggling to cope with stress and anxiety during this time, then seek help at Second Step, a charity for anyone suffering from mental health problems.