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Pick of the Week: Young People’s Festival of Ideas


Find out what’s happening on Rife Guide this week, including the Young Person’s strand of Bristol’s Festival of Ideas.

…discussions about our bodies are commonplace.

Your friend comes round and you put the kettle on, you sit down have a chat and before you know it a good few hours have past. Sound familiar? It’s easy to get into lengthy discussions with friends to talk about everything from somebody making a passing comment on the way you look to the most shocking things in the media. Whether it’s Amber Rose having to explain consent to two grown men, accusations of Lil Kym lightening her skin or conversations about five sisters being married off in new film ‘Mustang’; discussions about our bodies are commonplace.

This year at Bristol’s Young People’s Festival of Ideas the topic is ‘Body Politics: Ownership and Control of Your Body’. The aim of Festival of Ideas is to stimulate people’s minds, to get you thinking about things slightly differently, and to encourage conversation and debate about entirely new topics. The event will be an open panel discussion where the audience has the chance to join in the conversation and ask the questions.

How do you own your own body?

The discussion will be kicking off with the three questions:

How do you own your own body?

Is sex work self-empowerment?

What is the powerful body?

The panel includes Henry Poultney, Esme Worrell and is chaired by Sian Norris. Henry Poultney is a trans-education worker, leading Freedom Youth Project with Off the Record Bristol, for young people questioning their sexuality and gender.

Esme Worrell is an intersectional feminist, stripper, and artist working to educate and inform the public on issues surrounding feminism and sex-politics. She introduces herself in this short video in preparation for the event.

The event is chaired by Sian Norris, a writer and feminist activist. She runs the successful feminist blog sianandcrookedrib.blogspot.com and is the founder and director of the Bristol’s Women’s Literature Festival.

Body Politics: Ownership and Control of Your Body is on this Thursday, 26th May at Arnolfini. The event starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm but conversations will continue on in the Cafe/Bar. The event is completely free for under 25s but you will need to register for a ticket here. Tickets for over 25s are £5 full or £3 concessions.

The event is a partnership between Bristol Festival of IdeasRising Arts Agency, Arnolfini and Salaam Shalom, the event is open to all.

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