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DOCUMENTARY: Crisis And Hope [episode 1]


Owain Astles made this searing documentary about homelessness in Bristol and why we need to pay attention.

Coming to Bristol, I learnt so much about the extent of homelessness in the UK, but also the kindness of many people that are out there. With this two-part documentary, I wanted to focus on the people that are out there doing good. Bristol, whilst having higher rates of homelessness than anywhere outside London, also has more kind-hearted people than many other cities, and this is what I wanted to focus on. In this first episode, we visit Spring of Hope, the only women’s shelter in Bristol, run by Crisis Centre Ministries.

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Thanks to everyone at Spring Of Hope, Val Thompson, Cllr Paul Smith.

Directed by Owain Astles
Assisted by Gaby Carr
Music by Rupert Cole

Check out Crisis Centre here and watch Owain’s ‘Sleeping Rough’ documentary here

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