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Breaking into the Creative Sector: Meshworks Power Lunch with Icon Films and A Productions

Breaking into the Creative Sector: Meshworks Power Lunch with Icon Films and A Productions

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What are the Meshworks Power Lunches?

These Power Lunches are a series of conversations with creative organisations in the West of England, exploring what they search for when recruiting new members of their team.

Who is in conversation in this one?

Scarlett Smyth from the Meshworks community is in conversation with Elaine Williams, EA to the CEO at Icon Films, and Duncan Fraser, Head of Production at A Productions.

What do they talk about?

Elaine and Duncan both emphasise demonstrating your knowledge and passion for TV and Film when applying. The main traits they look for in candidates are hardworking individuals who stress their passion and work ethic in their previous work experiences. Often candidates that are able to do running roles and can maintain a punctual way of working shows their transferable skills.

Top tips from the chat:

“I’d say by investing time, energy and creativity into filmmaking in some way. That might be making short films on your phone, with a group of friends, or on your own. Applications that catch my eye often include links to short films that people have made, often there is a showreel” – Elaine from Icon Films

“ We will be looking for evidence of a passion for animation: drawing skills or acting, storytelling. ​We also have positions that are not directly creative which involve tech or IT skills. Those can often be a way into the creative” – Duncan from A Productions

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