Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team


Shanai is a creative person and has always been passionate about the arts, in particular performing arts and filmmaking. She spent a year with the BBC, creating content as a Production Management Assistant working on Bargain Hunt and Springwatch 2012. She also works as a partner of The Nu-Being, a company she co-founded. She is a storyteller; She loves to tell stories and evoke emotions through acting, music videos and shorts. Since she was part of the Creative Talent Lab in Bristol in February 2014, she has produced a promotional video for an artist in LA to enhance his status within the UK. She was one of Rife magazine’s founding in-house Young Journalists.

Does Being Black Still Make a Difference?

Shin_LoveLife sets out to find ‘unity’ within our community and explores whether race is still an issue.

#TBT Music Videos - Rebel Production TV

Here's Shin_LoveLife with a double bill for #TBT, showcasing Bristol music videos we shouldn't forget about.
Music / / Shin_LoveLife

Juicy Blitz: Rifelicious Smoothie Making

Shin_LoveLife heads to Lawrence Weston to check out Juicy Blitz, a juice and smoothie healthy lifestyle project.
Bristol / / Shin_LoveLife

#TBT Music Video - Storm Feat. Kodi - 'Runnin''

Here's Shin_LoveLife with the first  #TBT during September, profiling Bristol music videos we may have forgotten about.
Music / / Shin_LoveLife

Ten Characteristics That Make An Awesome Teacher

Shin_LoveLife gathers information from other youngsters on to build the Ten Characteristics That Makes An Awesome Teacher.

No matter what, no star is too far to reach. And you never give up - Michael Jackson.

As a massive admirer, Shin_LoveLife tributes Michael Jackson on his 56th birthday, by listing his inspiring achievements during his...
Music / / Shin_LoveLife

Ten Great Things About Being A Jamaican

Shin_Lovelife pays homage to the 52nd Jamaican Independence Day (6th August 2014) by listing Ten Great Things About Being A...

Music Video - Ded Tebaise x Javier SMI - '3rd Eye'

Brand new video by one Bristol's finest music artist Javier SMI - '3rd Eye', taken from his new EP...
Music / / Shin_LoveLife

A Catch up with Javier SMI

Shin_LoveLife hooks up with Javier SMI to get an insight on his new EP and what he's been up...
Music / / Shin_LoveLife

#FeeltheVybe14 Powder Paint Fight

Adibah gives us the low down on Vybe's Powder Paint Fight and how YOU can also get covered in colourful...
Bristol / / Shin_LoveLife