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Pick of the Week: Guitar Sessions at The Grove

Young people play acoustic guitars

Source: Herfordshire Music Service

This week, we’re getting our strum on in south Bristol, with Guitar Sessions at The Grove.

We’ve all got that friend who buys a guitar with the intention of becoming the next Ed Sheeran, George Ezra or Cate Le Bon. They go on and on about how good they’re going to be, and tell everyone who’ll listen that they practice, like, all the time.

But then a string snaps, or they get heckled at an open mic night when they start playing Wonderwall for the fifth time, and they slowly admit defeat. That guitar gets left in the corner more and more often, clothes chucked on top of it, gathering dust. And if you don’t have that friend, then you probably are them.

Luckily, there’s a youth group at The Grove which promises to breathe life back into unloved guitars. Just turn up to a session and you’ll meet aspiring musicians of all abilities, who want to practice with others, get advice and share ideas. It’s all about meeting new people and having fun without the pressure of being a guitar expert – but if you do end up as the next singer/songwriter superstar, be sure to give us some credit.

Check out times and locations over on Go Places Do Things

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