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Places In Bristol Featured In ‘Skins’ And Boring Stuff I’ve Done There

skins hero image

Ailsa revisits ‘Skins’ haunts around the city centre and finally comes to terms with the fact that she’ll never be as cool/troubled as any generation of Skins kids.

When I moved down to Bristol five years ago, my Scottish friends gave me a fair amount of hassle. Was I finally going to succumb to the teenage rebellion I’d done without thus far and go full on ‘Skins’ when I reached my new home? Was teetotal, straight A Ailsa going to succeed in the transformation from top dork to hot mess? Well, given that I moved down here to study maths and physics, the chances were never high.

There’ve been some bumps along the way but overall I would say I’ve made good life choices and, for better or worse, will never be worthy of Skins fame. To prove this point to myself, and to you, I wandered round Bristol reminiscing over my time here and my failure to adhere to my school friends’ instruction of ‘for god’s sake just rebel already’.

pero's bridge skins

In season two, by Pero’s bridge, Chris and Jal decide to change their approaches to life with Chris no longer saying ‘F*** it’ to everything, and Jal no longer responding with ‘No’. This encounter leads to them hooking up and Jal’s pregnancy before the devastating end of the series.

pero's bridge Ailsa

I sit here and have my lunch sometimes. As I am now masquerading as an adult, I cook a big pot of dhal on a Sunday and bring it into work in tupperware for lunch each day throughout the week. Though I do relate to Jal in many ways, I do not condone unprotected sex and am always trying to make sure friends know about the NHS site where you can get 72 condoms for £9.99

harbour skins

In season six, Alex hires a boat to both make it up to his new friends and also bury his grandmother at sea.

harbour ailsa

I’ve never been on a boat in Bristol. The boat journeys of my teenage years were to Scottish islands to go seabird watching. If you ever need any fun facts about Scottish seabirds, I’m your gal.

college green skins

College Green is a go to throughout all the ‘Skins’ series. The gang will often sit there, sexual tension making the dew on the grass around them evaporate, illegal substances in hand as they make plans for parties.

college green ailsa

College Green is one of my go t’s too. It’s really close to work and sometimes I take my book and read there, or have vegan picnics with friends.

brandon park skins

Brandon Hill Park is the setting for Sid and Cassie’s reuniting after much miscommunication or lack of any communication at all.

brandon park ailsa

I love the view from Brandon Hill too. Here’s me enjoying it as I practice kind, clear and honest communication. It’s the key to maintaining any good relationship, folks.

park street skins

Freddie opens the second generation of ‘Skins’ by recklessly skateboarding down Park Street leaving a wake of chaos in his trails.

park street ailsa

This is me doing my thing –photography– on Park Street. Standing on the pavement, positioned by a bench so as not to disrupt the routes of any pedestrians. Whenever I go down Park Street I am sure to walk slowly and sedately, particularly when it’s raining. I’ve seen too many people almost slip. I think, in a way, this is an excellent metaphor for my time in Bristol: being considerate of people, trying not to fall over too hard and taking photos.

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